7dBm electronics AB is Dan Bävholm’s new engineering and consulting company.
Dan is cofounder of the proaudio companies Lab.gruppen and dba audio in Kungsbacka , Sweden.
7dBm is pronounced “Seven dB More”, (dB naturally stands for “decibel” - as always in the pro audio community - and incidentally also for my own initials).
The purpose of the 7dBm company is to exploit my more than 25 years experience as manager in the pro audio industry.
As a consultant, I will be able to offer a wide range of services such as:

Management support;

Business development
Market analyses
Marketing projects
Product management
Patent investigations

Product development in the electronic field;

Product design
Electronic design
Mechanical design
Hardware development
Software development
Electrical Measurement
Acoustical measurement
Product approvals

Measurement software;

Dan Bavholm is part of the WaveCapture project. The WaveCapture mission is to combine Johny Grenander’s experience in the software and loudspeaker field and adapt the software he has created to the needs of the pro-audio industry, benefiting from Dan Bävholm’s long-term experience. Our philosophy is to offer easy-to-use software and measurement tools for sound engineers, installers, consultants and designers.